menstrual cycle in women tend to be closely related to the increase or decrease in body weight. Not only while menstruating, this was also happening before and after menstruation. As reported by the SELF, Christine Gerbstadt, MD, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, explains the change in weight associated with the menstrual phase. Recognize the four-phase!
1. Menstruation When the body begins to undergo a monthly cycle, you probably will feel cramping, bloating, fatigue, and mood of uncertainty. On the positive side is when the body is actively bleeding, then akanmeluruhkan entire uterine lining and prepare for fresh blood cycle. Over time, appetite and desire to eat, and the bloating will disappear. In fact, you are at the lowest weight for a month right after the cycle stops. So enjoy!
2. Follicular phase Follicular phase is the process of egg maturation. In this phase, the body will work hard to naturally choose the perfect egg. This is what causes the hormone estrogen increases. Unfortunately, the increase in the hormone estrogen with increasing body weight. Moreover, the uterine lining will thicken welcome to be fertilized embryos. Your body may rise slightly up to 1 kg.
3. Ovulation Towards the ovulation phase, you will feel more energized, as well as body. You will often feel bloated, breast began to tighten. It also will have an impact on weight gain. Some women in this phase are also experiencing excessive water demand as a response to the hormone.
4. Luteal phase Referred to as the luteal phase after ovulation. That is the time when ovulation occurs until the first day of menstruation. In this phase, bloating nor will you feel in a few days. But a few days later, you feel what is commonly referred to as pre-menstrual syndrome. Not only feel a surging appetite because your body is preparing for potential pregnancy, you will also feel eager to eat salty, sweet, and greasy. This can lead you to rise 1-1.5 kg. But, keep in mind that every woman will experience different cycles. If you are taking hormonal contraceptives, weight gain may be even greater come on jump!