Missouri: Want to have a baby boy? We recommend that you start eating a full breakfast and fatty foods during early pregnancy. According to a study from researchers at the University of Missouri, USA, Saturday (23 / 7). According to the researchers, as quoted by The Telegraph, what women eat while they are in the early stages of pregnancy influences the gender and health of the baby. Women who eat a full breakfast and high fat foods at conception is likely to have boys. And, for women who ate low-fat is more biased toward girls. Cheryl Rosenfeld of the University of Missouri said: "Eating high-calorie foods are generally supportive of the birth of men than women, whereas low-calorie foods tend to give birth to girls than boys." In humans and mice, dietary restrictions and a suboptimal diet during the period around conception and early pregnancy also led to the birth of a daughter. It is most likely due to selective loss of male fetuses, which are considered most vulnerable sex in the womb.