Healthy Diet Tips Carbohydrates Everyone must have felt when her weight up or down. Most people are thrilled when he lost weight, especially girls, because most of them want to get a slim body. Various ways they go to get the
maximum results, most of them do not pay attention to body condition, they usually take a very strict diet regardless of the doctor's instructions. For example, they do not eat carbs. Food menu only juice and bread. Lunch only fruit and
juice. Nights just to eat vegetables - vegetables. Many fear with respect to rice,
basically there are nutrients in rice that can raise the weight is carbohydrates that tend to be high. There are still many high
carbohydrate foods such as fruit juices and fruit. And the key to maintaining weight loss carbohydrate diet . it not avoid eating foods that suit your needs. The ratio should ideally include 50% carbohydrates, protein 20% and
30% fat. Most people say fitting break ya want to eat what? That's great, because it's healthy eating begins with planning. You should make a weekly or
monthly schedule. Because easier for you to buy groceries - today. You also do not eat the same menu in a few days. More importantly you serve a healthy
menu for your family
. Make sure there is always a variety of food nutrients in your
plate, the more colors in the dish you eat the more nutrients you
will get. For example, slice steak with steamed potatoes or brown
rice, plus vegetables, salad, and fruit - fruit. All you have to remember is
always present in the portion that is proportional, if presented in the portion of a lot of us tend to eat more. A few of my articles, may be useful
to readers ....