California: There are mangatakan Previous studies that have excess weight can endanger survival. However, this latest research dismissed the fact and say that people who weigh large can actually live longer. Why? Research from the University of California, which is based on analysis of 350,000 people in the U.S., showed that obese people can become more dangerous when they try to slim. According to the researchers, people who are obsessed with dieting is considered ineffective and often cause people were getting fatter because their appetite increases and uncontrollable. As quoted from the Journal of Nutrition, it also recommends people should eat a varied and balanced diet, enjoying regular exercise, although ultimately still weigh more, on Thursday (30 / 6). Researcher Linda Bacon said that while health professionals recommend that people lose weight, the analysis we show that researchers have long interpreted the research data through the lens of bias. The study also claims the evidence weighs more people to live longer than normal people. Those who are obese in old age also tend to live longer than their parents are thin. They are also likely to survive in certain health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure. Although obesity is known to put people at high risk of heart disease and other diseases, the researchers deny it and say it is not the cause of obesity. Instead, researchers blame poor diet and lack of exercise, which always leads to obesity.