Cellulite is the enemy of most women. The usual white streaks appear on the buttocks, abdomen, and calves, it is considered something that could reduce the beauty. Cellulite is a collection of fat that develops and encourages the skin connective tissue, so the appearance of the skin looks like a layer of scar. Although there is no permanent cure for cellulite, at least there are tips that help fight cellulite, as quoted from the pages of The Sun. Amanda Ursel and Nicki Waterman, nutritionists and fitness, recommends a healthy diet to combat cellulite. "Based on our experience, if you are overweight, then lost weight, did not help fight cellulite. But, if you want an invisible cellulite should always be assisted by burning fat," they said. Amanda and Nicki also gives tips to fight cellulite:

1. Keep your salt intake
Avoid consumption of more than 3
grams of salt per day. Excess salt
causes the cellulite appear more
obvious because the sodium
content will make the body
vulnerable to retain fluid. To that
end, minimizing the consumption of
processed foods to reduce salt
intake. Therefore, about 75 percent
of salt intake comes from processed
2. Consumption of fruits and
Try eating fruits and vegetables at
least five times a day. Fruits and
vegetables rich in potassium, which
helps the kidneys remove excess
water from the body and reduce
fluid retention.
3. Intake of protein rich
Make sure you eat protein-rich
foods such as eggs, fish, chicken,
turkey, lean red meat, tofu, milk,
soy milk at each meal. Protein is
essential for strengthening
connective tissues and improve skin
health. If the lack of protein, cellulite
is lurking beneath the surface of the
skin become more visible.
4. Foods rich in omega 3
Do not forget the consumption of
fish such as salmon, mackerel and
sardines on a regular basis,
including omega-3 rich foods such
as eggs. Of omega 3 essential fats
can increase blood flow throughout
the body. Intake of omega 3 can
improve the quality of the
connective tissue and skin so that it
can disguise cellulite.
5. Creams containing caffeine
Some creams and lotions are also
effective in helping to reduce
cellulite, especially those containing
caffeine. Top Model Cindy Crawford
and even the coffee is always
rubbing his leg and most of his
lower body to ward off cellulite.