A lot of practical ways
to exercise. Apart from walking,
jumping rope can also be an option
of daily exercise. Just need a
skipping rope and a flat spot, you
can do it anywhere.
The benefits are very good for
fitness, heart, and can burn fat easily
and quickly. Jump rope increases
the agility and coordination ability
foot limbs. By practicing jump rope,
as well as train your calf muscles,
thighs, abdominal, back, chest, and
- Wear clothing that absorbs sweat,
because the movement is able to
make you sweat quickly. Wear
comfortable shoes as well as
jumping. You need a shoe with
cushioning that is thick and supple.
Wear sturdy sports bras that
support your breasts while
- Before starting this exercise, you
should adjust the length of rope
with a high body. To measure, hold
both ends of the rope and foot rope.
Both ends of the rope must be
between the armpit and elbow. If
the length is more, conclude the
rope, then measure again, until the
appropriate length.
How to jump right
- Begin with stretching and
warming. Stretch from top to
bottom, so the muscle relaxes.
Stretch is more intensive at the
ankle, because this part is to be an
important foothold on landing. Then
do the running in place or jumping
small, for 10-15 minutes.
- Grasp the handle end of the rope
in both hands. Keep elbows meeting
with both sides of the waist and
wrists were approximately 20-35
cm from the body. The view
straight ahead.
- Swing the rope up and down,
while you do the jump when the
rope under you. To avoid injury, do
not jump too high. Distance feet
with enough floor 5-10 cm. Keep
your knees when jumping
meetings, and slightly bent slightly
when landing.
- Mendaratlah to toe, in a position
menjinjit. Do not be landed with the
heel, because it can overload the
bone and cause cracks.
- Perform leap forward gradually.
Begin with 50 jumps to the
beginning. If you've used, you can
increase the number of jumps.