Peter J.D 'Adamo in his book, Eat Right For Your Type 15 000 BC mentions the blood group A is found.
In those days, our ancestors were hunters who begin to form communities and permanent residence. They began farming and eating vegetables and only eat meat in very small amount. For that reason Dr.
Peter J.D 'Adamo recommends that owners of blood group A vegetarian diet.
Blood type A distinctive feature
• Has a relatively sensitive digestive systems.
• Must avoid foods made from milk and meat
• It is recommended to be vegetarian or eat a
high carbohydrate levels, but low in fat.
• Minimize stress with meditation, or non-
competitive sports and get enough rest
The recommended diet menu
• Breakfast: Water mixed with lemon juice +
• Afternoon Snack: Grape Juice / Coffee
• Lunch: Salad + Bread Wheat one piece +
Herbal Tea
• Afternoon Snack: Rice Cakes two pieces +
Green Tea
(If you need to be eating tonight: Pasta
without meat + Broccoli + yogurt + Tea