Have you heard about the diet by eating raw foods? Raw food diet is a diet that uses uncooked foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables, bamboo shoots, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, or seaweed. A diet raw diet similar to a vegetarian diet. The difference is, when the adherents of vegetarians do not eat meat and fish, raw foods diet still allows you to eat less red meat, poultry, or fish. Proponents of this diet lifestyle believe that eating natural fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other raw foods with little or no meat, in a raw state, providing more vitamins and nutrients for the body. In addition, raw foods also helps expenditure toxins from the body naturally. Basic rules to implement the raw food diet is, ate fruit, nuts, vegetables, and grains, with a complementary supplement to replace meat. Throughout these foods are not cooked, then you already run a raw food lifestyle. Means, tofu and tempeh fried, stir-fry broccoli, baked potatoes, should be kept away. So what are the benefits of this diet menjalanakan? Here it is: clean skin, a vitality that is always energetic, healthy hair, a more slender abdomen, and the body more healthy and fit. This diet is actually a caveman eating habits of millions years ago. You will also obtain foods rich in nutrients because the nutrients contained in foods was not vaporized by the cooking process, or shrink due to dyes and other chemicals. However, there are advantages there are also disadvantages. This diet could actually pose a risk that is not profitable. Raw food could still keep the bacteria or germs that cause disease. Even though you've washed the food was as clean as possible, no guarantee that food free of bacteria. Applying a raw food diet is very good for losing weight. But it also must be redeemed by the risks posed as above. So, before you try, you should consult your doctor or nutritionist first. The reason it is very important to see your body resistance against animal nutrition will be reduced and immunity to disease.