The majority of causes of difficult pregnancy is a lack of ovulation cycle disorder. This is caused by hormonal disorders or diseases such as endometriosis, and cysts. One reason, according to Neal Barnard, MD, nutrition researcher at Washington DC, foods that tend fatty animal products can dramatically increase the levels of estrogen into the blood. Answer to this problem turned out to related closely with a vegetarian diet. According to Barnard, a vegetarian almost all women ovulate regularly. It turned out that vegetables and fruit can stabilize the hormones. By choosing plant-based foods means you avoid the hormonal swings that can make a mess of the menstrual cycle. More than 5 million women in North America suffer from endometriosis, a condition in which diseased cells that should grow in the uterus spreads to other body parts. Tues wrong this place continues to pile up, swell and can cause sores that interfere with conception and pregnancy. Advantages vegetarian diet is to avoid major source of organochlorines. That is, chemicals that are formed in animal fat and trigger endometriosis in a way weaken the resistance of cells such misplaced. In short, with a stable estrogen, menstrual cycle will be more organized, then this will make the cells that grow in the wrong place will shrink and die. Adherents of a high-fiber vegetarian diet has a sufficient supply of fiber that serves to displace the excess estrogen from the body safely. Soybeans are excellent sources of vegetable protein and estrogen, which is also known as phytoestrogens. This shape is different and has different effects. Some functions similar to estrogen in the body, although only a very weak effect compared to real estrogen. Much more action to reduce the activity of estrogen. The evidence indicates that phytoestrogens may help reduce symptoms of menopause that interfere with and limit the growth of cancer cells. Another food source that serves food to maintain a balance of hormones:

• Wheat: wheat chocolate, pasta, rice, seral,
• Vegetables: w ortel, sweet potatoes,
spinach, kale, broccoli
• Legumes: peas, soybeans, black soybeans.
• Fruits: apple, mango, banana, peach, pear.

Improving fertility Two belle of the nutrients needed to repair fertility and healthy pregnancy, are:
- Folic acid, found in dark green vegetables, kale, citrus type fruits (including citrus, grapes, lemons), legumes, whole grains, and bread with folic acid additives and cereals. Consumption of folic acid supplement of 0.4 milligrams or often written as 400 micrograms (mcg) per day.
- Calcium. Recommended dosage is 1000 mg per day. The best sources of calcium are low-fat milk (414 mg per cup) and yogurt (a small pot containing 302 mg).