The body contains the actress Kate Winslet to be an ideal model for
some women. In a survey, 16 percent of British women are inspired body
cast 'Titanic' is. The 34-year-old actress struggles with weight loss
yo-yo for years. Interestingly, both arms Winslet always look tight.
Proportional arm makes the waist look slimmer, body posture and
prevent stomach fat plump. Winslet is famous as an anti-skinny actress
admitted avoiding the gym. Winslet form the body through exercise, and
treadmill at home and pilates for 20 minutes. After giving birth her
daughter nine years ago, Winslet managed to lose 25 kilograms (56
pounds) weight. According to Elizabeth Gibaud, who examines the color
and shape of the face and body posture Hollywood actress says the
secret is stay away from fast food, alcohol, tea, coffee and potato
chips. Winslet's body shape you can emulate with pilates routine,
which holds shoulder and back is no slouch. Regular aerobic exercise
at least three or four times a week to help build muscle arm. Lifting
weights the size of each 1.5 kg will train the muscles more toned
arms. Perform 12-16 times with a pause of 30 seconds. The results
appear in six weeks.