At a time when most women want ideal body weight, Donna Simpson in fact have other ambitions. Female 42 years old from New Jersey, United States (U.S.), the ambition is to become the world's fattest woman. In fact, at this time Simpson had held the Guinness World record as the "mother of the world's fattest." When the birth of his daughter, Jacqueline, three years ago, Simpson has a weight of 520 pounds or about 235 pounds. At that time she became the biggest- bodied women who give birth. Now, Simpson's body weight 600 pounds or 300 kilograms. SHe hopes to break the record 1000 pounds or half a ton. Women with this XXXXXXXL dress size eat all kinds of cakes and donuts, and try not to get too much motion. "I want to have 500 pounds of weight," says Simpson, as quoted by the daily pages of The Telegraph. "This desire may be difficult to achieve because of caring for my daughter makes my body weight is reduced," he continued. Simpson also manage a personal website where people can watch it eat or see him clean up the bodies. Simpson met Philippe, 49 years, seven years ago through a matchmaking event plus-bodied people. Philippe, weighing only about 75 pounds, is a fan of overweight women. But Simpson, who had a son named Devin, 14 years old, from a previous relationship, said that his body healthy. "Food is my favorite sushi, but differs from others, I can sit and eat 70 pieces of sushi in one meal," she said. "I also love cake and sweets, donuts are my favorite," added Simpson.