Easy Ways to Limit Calories Burn 1,200 calories per day may not be as difficult as many people imagine. You can burn 300 calories during sleep, when walking or sitting. When treated with daily activities such as breathing, digesting and maintaining all bodily functions still work, not hard to get the body fit and trim as desired. There are four easy steps you can do to be able to erode the 1,200 calories per day, as quoted from Shine, namely:

Step 1 Perform 90 minutes of physical activity per day. Someone who has a weight about 60 kg who walk with a speed of 6 meters per hour for 90 minutes will burn more than 1,200 calories. However, people with lighter body weight require more time to erode the 1,200 calories by walking. "The body of a larger or more muscular burn more calories, even when resting," says Mayo Clinic.

Step 2 Make a daily routine with more physical activity portion. Up the stairs, use the manual lawn mower, and mopping the floor will reduce the calories the body. The intensity of physical activity performed daily will ultimately affect the weight. Mop the floor to eliminate 400 calories per hour, light housework or washing the car can burn 200 calories and walking one 1.5 km to burn 100 calories. Combine several activities in the day to reduce 1200 calories.

3 Never still. Consider always moving. Move your legs while you wait, sometimes standing in front of the computer rather than continue to sit all the time and shake legs while crossing her legs. When watching television, try to stand up and walk back and forth a few times and better eating out with a line instead of ordering food from the table. A Mayo Clinic study finds by constantly moving all day, people spend 800 calories or the equivalent of jogging or walking about 5 km every day.

Step 4 Burn 400 calories by using three methods above. For example, burns 400 calories through active movement, 400 calories when walking into the office and climbed the stairs and 400 calories when standing in front of the copier or in line. Tips to Burn 500 calories per day