you've desperately dieting and exercising but the weight does not go shrink? Surprisingly, body weight even more inflated. Maybe, there are some mistakes you make. Find out the solution!

1. Diet indiscriminate Many women are on a strict diet without accompanied by a nutritionist. Are you as well? Be careful, this can endanger health. We recommend that if you really want to diet, try to consult with a nutritionist. Needs of every body is different. Do not let the diet do will make my body more elastic. Likewise, in exercising. You should have consulted with a sports coach. Everything will be more effective than you just hear the advice that is not necessarily true friends. Diet tips: Do not always follow the trend of diet or exercise. You should be consistent with what you are doing. Explore information on trusted sources, such as a doctor, trainer, or nutritionist.
2. No breakfast No breakfast will trigger you to buy sweets. These habits will actually gain weight. According to researchers from the University of Massachusetts, U.S., people do not have the risk of obesity breakfast five times greater than the breakfast every morning. With breakfast every day on a regular basis to form a pattern of eating, which is useful for weight loss. Tips for diet: Breakfast from 1 to 1.5 hours before you do activities every day. Make sure the content in a full breakfast and could be a model of energy to move.
3. Eating lots of sugar Consumption of sugar in large quantities every day can make your weight increases. Sweet foods that contain lots of sugar also does not make you full. Calories in sugar content of fairly big. Moreover, if you like soft drinks. Drink contributed many calories in your body. In fact, make you addicted. Diet tips: Reduce consumption of sugar to your diet will be very effective. If you love to eat cereal for breakfast, make sure it does not contain much sugar. Careful when reading the ingredients. It would be better if your breakfast high in protein. According to research conducted by the University of St. Louis, if breakfast eggs, you'll consume fewer calories at lunch and dinner. So, consider the true protein content at breakfast.