Having an ideal body is the desire of many women. No wonder if they are willing to make special care to make it happen. But, what if a series of treatments that did not work to improve the size of the body. Charla Krupp a bestselling author and stylist says, appear slimmer in a flash is not that difficult. Appropriate clothing choices can disguise the fat deposits that disrupt the appearance. "A lot of the right clothing you can use to minimize your weight," he said.

1. Tights Various models tight pants like leggings can be relied upon to create the impression of legs. Avoid wearing baggy pants for owners of big feet, because it will look even fatter. Pair with a sport bra T-shirt clad buttocks shut, to maximize your appearance.
2. V-necked T-shirt Such a collar would make the neck look more level and create the impression slim. When you wish to appear relaxed and casual, mix with a pair of jeans patterned plain. Avoid busy patterns or pants with lots of accessories. Add a big belt if you want to look slimmer.
3. Dresses & High Heel Shoes Charla recommends, "The dress with sleeves 3 / 4 or long, which can cover all sorts of problems." Trying minimalist A-line dresses also work to conceal the bulge. But, the important thing is to integrate with high-heeled shoes. "It immediately makes you look slim" he said.
4. Knee-length pieces Wearing knee-length dress cut with a plain style gives the impression slim. But remember, shaving legs before wearing shorts or short skirts.
5. Blazer & Skirt A-line Wear pants or skirts with a model A-line blend blazer with chest cut open to make the body look proportionate. Add some jewelry such as earrings or a necklace to make it more interesting.
6. Body Shapers Have a sexy ass in an instant with Beyonce wearing a body like spanx body shaper shorts and leggings.
7. Black Shirt How to instantly camouflage body fat is by wearing a plain black dress. To maximize your body shape, select a piece of clothing that accentuates the waist curve. Avoid eating too much ice cream.
8. Right Bra Options Avoid wearing a bra with a thick layer of foam for owners of large breasts. The important thing is to choose a bra wired to support breast ideal position. Do not let your breasts look sag downward.