Feng Shui has a strong influence on the subconscious. That is why many people use it expedite the diet. Diet feng shui does not make you dizzy with the calculation of calories. Restrictions menu through shapes, colors, and food that you consume daily. If curious, try to prove to follow a few diet tips feng shui to create the ideal body sexy and healthy, as described on page Times of India following.

Eating on a square plate Square-shaped plate dish better than a round plate when you try to lose weight. Believed to emit a box shape satisfaction, while the round shape invites curiosity.
The dining room calm Muted colors are believed to reduce appetite. While bright colors are considered to stimulate the appetite. If you seriously want to undergo a strict diet, create the kitchen or dining room with natural colors like brown or beige. But if you want to increase your appetite, try decorating the kitchen and dining table with brightly colored decorations.

The mirror in the dining room The mirror can help you stay focused. Hang mirrors around the dining room that can be seen clearly from my seat will make you aware of what and how much food you'll consume. Hours at the dinner table Replace the clock ticking in the dining room area. This will remind you to slow down the feeding activity and makes you more enjoy the food, not just a lust for food. Smaller plate To reduce the size of the food without feeling the shortage, use smaller plates. Cook your own food When you mix your own food, you can find the right size for your family. Feng shui practitioners believe that cooking to promote even financial prosperity. Colorful Food What kind of food with balanced nutrition? More and more variety of food colors on your plate, the more nutritious. That is the key to a balanced diet.