Gymnastics and sports in the gym to burn calories and slimming the body. So it is with activities that increase metabolism, such as work and have sex with a partner. But is there another way to lose weight? Relax, there are many ways to trim. You can do the following five easy things to have the ideal body.

1. Drinking coffee Hot or cold coffee drink accelerate the rate of burning calories.
2. Breakfast Routine Healthier breakfast than dinner. In addition to fiber-rich foods, it is advisable to eat a hot breakfast. Because the hot breakfast helps burn more fat. Because the incoming signal to the brain states in the morning the body was not too hungry so it does not store excess fat.
3. Laugh Laugh for 10-15 minutes each day will burn about 50 calories. If you want to feel the effects of laughing like sports, have fun and laugh more.
4. Angry Like laughter, anger gives the same effect as when you are in the gym or jogging. Studies show anger can increase metabolism and physical activity.
5. Walk Although very simple, runs great help form the ideal body. Bersejalan foot several blocks from the office without high-heeled enough to burn excess calories. And, do not be lazy to use stairs.