A research conducted by a group of Harvard scientists revealed that obesity or overweight is one of the 'infectious disease'. And obesity was also able to spread through social networking medium. As quoted from Science20.com, research using mathematical modeling, revealed that an increasing number of people who suffer from obesity in the United States in the last decade was also accelerated by the social networking site. "Specifically, the growth of the person's body weight due to the social transmission, increased very rapidly," said Alison L Hill, student Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, Biophisycs Program, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology, Harvard. According to Hill, now, only the level of obesity in the U.S. population has reached about 34 percent. That number could rise to above 42 percent. The study utilizes data from the Framingham Heart Study. Hill detailing, that people who are not obese have a 2 percent chance to become obese. But that number will grow 0.4 percent again every single social contact they have. That is, if there are five contacts on social networks who are obese, it is enough to double the risk of becoming obese. "It's easy to be overweight than thin body," Hill added. The possibility of transition from someone who does obesity become obese, apparently influenced by a number of social contacts who are obese. Instead, it was actually not related to the number of contacts who are obese. Meanwhile, the possibility to be able to lose weight does not depend on the number of social contacts or contacts who have oebsitas are not obese. The spread of obesity, claimed to have been spread through social networks, through transfer from person to person. While the obesity that occurs not due to social interaction (non-social), occurs due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle are easy. David G. Rand, Scientists Program for Evolutionary Dynamics and Department of Psychology and Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, said even non- social transmission of obesity is still an important component in the distribution, but the social transmission of obesity to grow so rapidly in the past four decades. "Our results say that the social norms of the middle of changing the trend of people who had become obese due to non-social mechanism. And the effect is caused by a person with obesity to the ignition of non-obese, also higher," said Rand. If this theory is correct, it seems pretty simple if you want to still have a slim body. Do not make friends with the fat on your Facebook or other social networking.