Eve cool when the rain tends to make us lazy. In addition, cold weather also faster trigger hunger. As a result, a favorite activity during the heavy rains outside was watching television while munching a snack. This custom, of course could make body weight soared. But, you can change these habits with diet rainy season. This diet, can overcome the lazy and dampen the desire for snacking.

Not only that you can drop weight 3.1 Kg for 2 weeks. Curious to try it out? Inadequate intake of protein For a sense of lazy no-show, you need protein. With the intake of protein, the body will have sufficient energy intake. And, the stomach will feel full longer. Here are some foods you should consume:

- Lean beef
- Milk skim / nonfat milk
- Meat chicken without the fat
- Eggs
- Sea foods such as fish
- Coffee. The content of caffeine can eliminate evil chemical constituents
present in food. Therefore, drinking coffee after a meal to taste.
- Carbohydrates, such as boiled or steamed potatoes at night Avoid cosumci:
- Fat, because it takes a long time to digest it
- Complex carbohydrates on an empty stomach such as potato chips or bread while waiting for mealtime Healthy snacks Never eat carbohydrates sweet for a
snack, will only make you grow lazy. Try to consume 100 calories from:
- 1 egg boiled and 1 sheet of white bread
- Salad vegetables, then mix with the vinaigrette (oil and vinegar with a mixture of spices, many are sold in supermarkets)
- 1 serving of plain yogurt
- 1 banana
Tip: Try to eat protein before carbs. Diet diary in the rainy seasonThe following menu choices of food each meal schedule, among others: Breakfast - 250 calories Drink coffee, tea or water and ½ servings of skim milk.
- 1 egg boiled (first intake). 1 serving of yogurt, add fresh fruit slices.
- Egg Omelet with additional grated cheese. 300 ml of fresh apple juice.
- Skim milk latte big. 1 serving of fruit salad and yogurt.
- Porridge oats add 250 ml of skim milk. Add ½ sliced ​​apple, and ½ sliced ​​banana
- 2 eggs that have been diorak scrambled, add with a wheat bread and butter.
Lunch - 300 calories
- Bread content of tuna, salad vegetables, bananas and yogurt.
- 1 piece of steamed chicken breast and 5 tablespoons of rice. Vegetable
nodes and 1 apple.
- 300 ml broccoli, asparagus or spinach soup. Bread rolls and 1 apple.
- Caesar salad, which consisted of pieces of 70 grams of broiled chicken breast, leaf lettuce, 1 hard- boiled eggs, and grated cheese. Combine olive oil or vinaigrette as a dressing. Dinner - 400 calories
- 180 grams of grilled fish + rice or steamed potatoes. On the plus salad
vegetables and strawberries.
- 200 grams of lean roast beef, with corn. Plus, 1 apple.
- Omelet with mixed peppers, mushrooms, onions, and peas. Add salad vegetables.