Always eat at the same time each day and avoid eating at bedtime, if you do not want the body weight increases. Because, a study from Northwestern University, the United States found irregular eating can lead to weight gain. Researchers also say a big mistake to eat at midnight, when the body wants to sleep. It can disrupt circadian rhythm (a rhythm change in the individual's body functions that occur within 24 hours) during sleep. "The reason why the person's weight may increase, quite complicated. However, it is clear consideration of not only calories but also an exit," says Fred Turek, a professor of neurobiology and psychology, as quoted by the Times of India. "We think there are several factors that under circadian control. Mealtimes are more precise and well, can become an important element in slowing or reducing the risk of obesity," he said. During the study, the scientists studied mice fed a high-fat foods during hours of sleep, body weight increased significantly. This was compared with rats fed the same diet but not on hours of sleep. "One focus of our research is to shift workers, who tend to be overweight. The schedule forced them to eat at the moment as opposed to the body's natural rhythm," said Deanna M. Arble, one of the researchers.