There are so many diet programs that promise faster and leaner body without side effects. Consume a diet with regular water you may have heard. However, there is again an unusual diet that is on the rocks. Really can streamline your body? As quoted from page, based on research from the Labs' Ice Cube's Diet declared that the ice cube blocks thought to contain more than 97% Hoodia, a plant extract is believed to control appetite and manage one's desire to consume food. Each ice cube containing 3000 mg Hoodia. If eaten raw, crushed lime juice mixed with efficacy will berkeja well. Is it safe? As the product of over-the-counter herbal diet, health experts have concerns about Hoodia, especially if consumed in high quantities. Many drug companies have even tried to make Hoodia extract contained in the ice cube as a diet drug. However, dietitian Roberta Andi oppose any diet program. "Pfizer is really trying to develop this into drugs and stopped his conduct clinical trials without any real explanation," he said. "And Unilever, which makes the Slim-Fast, will make a drink with Hoodia and they also stopped with no clear reason." In other words, health experts advise, do not need a diet that strange if they want to control the appetite. Eating a healthy balanced diet coupled with regular exercise it can also help you control your weight.