Having sex with a partner was not only to give sexual satisfaction. A recent study revealed that sex has a positive effect on heart health benefits of men. As quoted from the pages of The Telegraph, a man who had sexual intercourse twice a week have an increased risk of heart disease 45 percent smaller than men who only do it once a week or less. Research conducted by experts in Massachusetts of 1,000 men since 1987. The study was conducted to record the frequency of having sex with them periodically. Documenting the frequency of sex is always accompanied by a medical examination of the heart. Over the past 16 years, the researchers studied the frequency of sex relationship with heart health conditions. Of course, done without neglecting other important factors that affect cardiovascular health, such as weight, age, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. The researchers explained that 'sex' physical and emotional blends to achieve orgasm. Activities that led to the release of endorphins, which work to prevent stress. Without stress, someone will have a better heart condition. In some studies, stress trigger a burst of catecholamines adrenaline and substances that can cause constriction of blood vessels and increased heart rate. These conditions lead to disruption of blood supply to the heart. Studies presented at the Archives of Internal Medicine said that people with stress have an increased risk of heart disease as much as 34 percent. The researchers then concluded that the resulting pleasure during intercourse can make a person healthier. Not only minimize the risk of heart disease, sex is also beneficial hormones suppress the body due to stress disorders.