What is the frequency you watch television every day? If you want to
trim, try reducing your time in front of the television. The reason,
according to research quoted by The New York Times, found adults who
reduce hours of watching half than usual for three weeks, the body can
burn calories as much as 120 calories. Maybe 120 calories in three
weeks does not look much. But, the amount is equivalent to the
calories you burn by walking for 1.5 km. "We need more advanced study
whether it can help you lose weight or even raise it," said Dr. Otten,
principal investigator of the study. In this study, researchers
recruited 36 people who are overweight or obese. These respondents had
a habit of watching at least three hours a day. Randomly twenty of
whom were asked to reduce the time watching as much as half of normal.
All of the respondents using an accelerometer, a tool to record their
movements. As a result, the respondents are asked to reduce the
frequency of watching television, the body can burn calories to 120
calories for three weeks. However, unfortunately, unlike the
respondent children, adult respondents did not reduce the habit of
snacking while watching televis. Maybe, if without snacking, the body
will be more calories burned. Want to lose weight? Try reducing your
frequency of watching television half than usual. See the results!