usually to monitor weight, you can weigh nearly every day. But, you
know, the conditions or certain times weight weighed not match actual
weight? When is are they?

- After a hot bath or sauna Excessive heat can cause the measuring
mechanism on the scale changed. Maybe your body weight to be increased
or decreased, whereas the size of your weight has not changed.
Therefore, the benefits of a sauna is to accelerate the loss of
feeling tired after exercising.

- When starting a diet Maybe you cheered excitedly when the first week
of your balance is reduced 2 kg. Apparently, the experts say that most
of the lost is water, not fat. So, do not expect to repeat it every
week. Correct calculation of new fat loss in the second week.

- Depending on when weighing The study mentions that your weight can
vary up to 3 kg because of irregularities of time to weigh. Try to
weigh at the same time each day and 'off' once when she was