After childbirth, women's bodies are usually not returned to original
form. Fat is still piling up in several sections and the presence of
stretch marks here and there. This condition is often the women are
not confident when having sex with their husbands kembai. As a result,
sex drive often evaporate. In fact, sex is one way to reduce weight
after delivery. To overcome this problem, you do not need to wait
until a new weight shrink back to fuck. Check out some fresh ideas
that might divert your focus from thinking about the fat in the
abdomen during lovemaking. Find a new position When he was lying,
maybe you imagine your belly shape will be seen clearly by the
husband. You can work around this by using lingerie, and try new
styles. You can try to position the penetration from behind, so the
husband does not see the shape of your belly. This style can help you
to avoid dealing directly with the husband, so the pile does not look
fat in the abdomen. Wear sexy lingerie Usually women who have excess
fat in the stomach tend to be wearing a baggy T-shirt than sexy
lingerie. But, choose underwear that can 'push' and cover your belly.
In addition to cover part you want, this dress can also make your body
look more sexy in the eyes of her husband. Discard shyness Let him
know your body fat you have. Ask him what his comments about the
changes that occur in your body. Let him touch you, especially on the
stomach that you actually want to cover it. This way for some men can
actually make it more enthusiastic and eager to continue into the peak
phase. As a result, you will not feel insecure again when re-invite
her husband to make love.