Keeping weight gain since young proven to positively impact up to old
age. Based on the study published in the British Medical Jornal, women
who had normal weight at age 18 to 50 years and not obese at the age
of 50 years will be healthier when they reach the age of 70 years.
Researchers examined the health of women who celebrate the anniversary
of 70 years. They see the relationship between body weight at
different ages with chronic illnesses. From the study found that women
who were obese at age 50 years, have probably 79% do not have a
healthy body condition at the age of 70 years. That compared with a
woman who when aged 50 years had a normal body weight. But the most
important thing is that the weights are always changing in the age
range between 18 to 50 years. The higher the weight that held women in
their young age, then they will be more or less healthy in old age.
Researchers also revealed it's never too late for women to lose
weight. In fact, if only slightly reduced body weight, it can reduce
the risk of various diseases and improve health after age 70 years.
So, keep your weight from now on if you want to stay healthy during
old age.