Taylor Lautner is known as an athletic body shape. In fact, the young singer on the rise, Justin Bieber was idolized the young actor's body. However, Taylor is the opposite. He was embarrassed by her muscular. Apparently, this young artist embarrassed by the number of people who pay attention to body shape that is dreamed by all men on earth. Atletisnya hard body and that just made Taylor did not feel comfortable with those eyes that always looked at her meaningfully. "It makes me be ashamed," Taylor said as quoted by Showbizspy, Thursday, June 4, 2010. At first, the title character Jacob Black in the movie 'New Moon' is not bothered when people notice the shape of her body. However, over time she felt uneasy when people began to wonder about her body. "For me it's just a small part of the character. It's not like I can take it off," he said. Taylor said that what she does with her body is just a request for acting and for the supporting characters who starred in the film. He would not mind if he should change his physical form as long as it for the sake of a role in the film. "One of the reasons I do it because of the demand character and I like that character. If there are characters who ask me to lose weight, I'll do it," he said.