A recent study found the perfect antidote to limit the intake of food or unhealthy activities. The thought of eating as much much more effective for weight loss, rather than torturing yourself with a strict diet. The team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University states, imagine that the appetite of food becomes a way to keep yourself from unhealthy food consumption. Based on a series of experiments, participants were asked to imagine a number of delicious chocolate candy snack. At the time of the actual meal, they proved to eat less than what is presented. According to scientists, it happened due to habituation or processes that reduce the response to stimuli in a repetitive mental activity. Joachim Vosgerau, a member of the research team, said the role of the mind to diet or to reduce undesirable behavior may be more effective. "We believe this is the first study to show the imagination to reduce the attractiveness of each stimulus which originally pulled." In the past, avoiding thoughts of food being desirable is considered the best way to control weight. However, these latest findings suggest the opposite. "When I quit smoking, you will try to suppress the desire to imagine a cigarette. According to our theory, all you have to do is imagine you smoke or eat. Imagery in the brain would reduce the desire," he said as quoted from Shine.