A team of experts from the hospital St. Anthony in Surrey, England to make a tool to help you lose weight. This tool a chip that boost metabolism and suppress hunger race. The researchers conducted tests on 356 women and men who have excess body weight with the presentation of 15-3 per cent. The device is shaped like a small plastic inserted into the stomach. This tool will create a stimulus that produces a hormone called PYY. Hormone function suppress appetite and help the organisms in the stomach more quickly digest and process food. In effect, the body weight can be reduced to five pounds per month without having to undergo gastric bypass surgery or liposuction. As quoted from Genius Beauty, according to Alberic Fiensa, bariatric surgeons, this chip can even release the dependency injection of insulin in diabetics. That's because when he was in the belly of this chip will also activate cells of the pancreas. Thus, stabilizing the production of insulin in the body.