Chewing fast food is the usual bad habit of working women. Due to busy, the food is swallowed without cud perfect. Not only make the intestines work harder, cud imperfect also trigger weight gain. To stop this bad kebisaaan and form the habit of chewing food more slowly, follow the following four ways.

1. Avoid eating in front of a computer or television Do not always eat in front of a computer or television. When a new incoming email or instant message, the mind focused on it and eat even faster. You also will not chew as needed until the food is really soft.
2. Eating with friends Eating together with friends became a way to make eating more slowly. While you can eat and talk and tends to chew food more slowly, and little by little. Indeed, many people believe eating should not be talking, but if it can make you chew more quietly why not done. However, make sure when talking, the mouth not in a state full of food.
3. Place the cutlery while chewing After you buy food, you should place the fork and spoon on the plate and do not hold the fingers. If eating utensil remain in the hands, you likely will continue to bribe the food while the food is chewed in the mouth is not perfect. This trick is quite successful, to get used to chew food more slowly.
4. Beautify food Foods such as cake or ice cream fruit that laid out a beautiful, tends to make one's will 'be careful' when you eat it. Bribe was also becoming more slowly. Thus, the arrangement of food also affects the speed of chewing. Then, choose foods with a rather large pieces. Because, although it can directly enter the mouth, but 'forced' mouths to chew more slowly until the food is more easily swallowed.