Katy Perry felt very happy because the body beautiful in the spotlight. Katy is very grateful for her sexy body blessed with a dream of every woman in this world. "I know my body and I feel passionate about it," said Katy, as quoted from Showbizspy, Sunday, February 14, 2010. Katy admitted to not having difficulty keeping it sexy body. SHe did not have a special recipe for her wonderful stay awake. "I'm young and my schedule is very crowded, so I easily lose weight.

But, if you ask that question five or six years from now maybe I will have a different answer,"she added.Fiance of comedian Russell Brand is feeling very happy because she never found it difficult to take care of these beautiful body. For business meals, 25-year-old singer has a special advisor who always reminded him to always mengosumsi healthy food that is his brother. Even so, she not only wants to be known with beautiful body only. Katy is also committed to publicly known for her work. Therefore, the young singer is also always trying to create works that can be accepted by society.