A new study was appalling health. The study showed that bacteria were able to affect body weight, and have a role in weight gain. Scientists from Emory University in Atlanta published a study in the journal 'Science'. In his mind, certain bacteria can play an important role in the obesity epidemic. Rats that made the object of their study were found to contain certain bacteria that can cause intestinal inflammation can also increase appetite and may play a role in weight gain. "Simply put, certain bacteria may make you quickly feel hungry," said the scientists. "Previous research has stated, the bacteria can provide good energy for you, including the energy absorbed from food. However, these findings indicate that intestinal bacteria can really affect your appetite," said lead researcher told Reuters Health, as quoted from page Shineyahoo . com. The average person carries about 2000 grams of bacteria in their intestines. It's a little known dirty and disgusting, but it was all normal. The results of this study reap a lot of questions. Among other things, whether people are obese have a greater number of unhealthy bacteria that live in their gut, and whether antibiotics, even probiotics, can help rebalance the bacteria load. The researchers are not ready to give any concrete answers, but at least the results of this study could be a promising first step to overcome the problem of obesity.