Do you have tried various methods of weight loss, but does not go positive developments? Do not give up, try to imitate simple trick for streamlining these agencies. Who knows how this one works for you. From now on, get used to drinking one or two glasses of water before eating. According to recent research conducted by experts from Virginia Tech, USA, which reports the Times of India, this method will work effectively curb your appetite so that the portion of food that enter the body is not much, which in turn can reduce weight. "When this method is applied for 12 weeks, three times per day, will eliminate about 5 kilograms of weight," says Brenda Davy from Virginia Tech. The simple reason to explain the success through this trick, with a drink of water before eating, you will quickly feel full so that the food you eat just a little. Thus, the number of calories you consume too little. However, these studies do not recommend you to drink excessively, because this can cause new health problems to your body. So just 1-2 glasses of water before eating. Even in previous research found, respondents were middle-aged and elderly who consumed two glasses of water before meals, amount of food they consume 75 to 90 calories less than those who do not consume water before eating.