you often do jogging to lose weight? It appears that you have to find another sport, because jogging found to be ineffective for weight loss. "Many people are jogging to lose weight but it will not work. Because, fat is the body's energy source. The more often a run, then the body will often produce more fat to prepare," said Greg Brookes, sports coach from London, England, as quoted from Times of India. Jogging by Brookes, actually makes the body produce more and more fat. The body is like a machine that can adapt to any condition. "The more time you spend to jog, the better you are in the running and more efficient but less energy is used and fewer calories burned," said Brookes. He also reveals that jogging or running can be bad on the muscles. "When jogging, two and a half times the body weight imposed on the muscle, it happened many times and can weaken the muscle. Usually it will feel instantly at the ankles or knees," he added. To choose the right sport for the sake of losing weight you should consult with doctors and sports trainers. That's because two things are most important in the success of reducing the weight of the body is balanced nutrition and regular exercise.