We're in a state of mind of stress and load increases, women will eat
more fatty food. This is the result of research conducted by a team of
researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, USA. The
study also shows, when women are under stress, your appetite will
increase and difficult to control. As a result, new problems arise
that is gaining weight to obesity. The conclusion is obtained from the
survey results in 600 women. According to the study, chronic stress
experienced by women tend to lead to consumption of fatty foods and
unhealthy. It shows that emotional state affects eating habits. It
will be seen also that emotional problems in women can cause a
negative impact on physical health. "Stress often makes a person can
not control his appetite. That's because the food is very easily done
anywhere and anytime," said Elissa Epel, a psychologist and also one
of the researcher, as quoted from Shine, 9 November 2009. Stress can
happen anytime and repeatedly. In order to stress not create more and
more body weight and become unhealthy, we should have a good stress
management. Do not let stress control your life instead. Find ways
other than eating, to cope with stress, because eating when stressed
will be devastating in the long term.