Burn 500 calories per day Your metabolism can immerse approximately 200 calories every day since
the age of 20. If the jeans worn began tightening, you do not need to
panic. Begin to try a more intelligent approach to build muscle while
eliminating fat to maintain weight and stay fit. Here are seven tips
that can help your metabolism better, even while sleeping, and can
burn up to 500 calories per day. As quoted from the Prevention, 26
September 2009, the amount was enough to reduce your weight up to
twice this month.

Sport or activity outside (especially during windy weather) A study
finds that a person can burn up to 10 percent more calories when they
walk or run outside instead of a treadmill in air- conditioned room.
In addition to the more energy is used to push yourself off the
ground, more or less windy weather also helped. Because, with a little
against the wind or other elements in the air, it also helps you burn
more calories.

Always warm up Maybe you always want to miss this one step to save
time. But, in fact you have been through one moment of burning
calories. In fact, according to physiologist at Pennsylvania State
University, heating need to increase your core body temperature and
increase fat- burning enzymes. For each degree of body temperature
goes up, then the level of metabolism in your cells increases by about
13 percent. Heating for at least five minutes necessary to gradually
increase heart rate, blood distribution into your working muscles,
improving your breathing, and get the maximum boost in metabolism as
well as burn calories.

take time of 12 minutes to workout hard To really lose weight, at
least you have to seize 12 minutes (excluding warm up) regularly
perform high- intensity activity (where you are breathing somewhat
hard) for at least four days a week. That is the time it takes to get
the effect of exercise, which can increase your body's ability to
optimize the oxygen and produce more fat-burning enzymes

Exercise intervals Calories and more fat will burn when someone does a
workout with intervals, or has a time lag, rather than hard workout
occasionally. A study conducted by the College of New Jersey against
48 men and women, found that those who ride a bike with a certain
intensity, such as pedaling a little harder just for five minutes and
then a little more relaxed for five minutes about half an hour of
practice, capable of burning about 15 percent more calories than their
counterparts who are constantly pedaling for 30 minutes.

Set aside 1 hour once a week According to one small study done by
researchers at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, found
that people who practiced for 60 minutes can burn nearly five times
more calories than those people who only took 30 minutes of activity.

Lift the dumbbells (weights) weight For example, for those who are
accustomed to carrying over 5 pounds for 10 times, try to lift it
twice, because it is able to burn calories, about 25 percent more.
Because the heavier weight will make the protein in your muscles
destroyed, so that your body requires more energy to recover it.
That's roughly your muscle tissue is built.

Move more throughout the day You can burn up to 350 calories per day,
which is enough to "throw" more than 35 pounds or 15 pounds this year,
just by walking. This you can do while chatting on the phone, while
chatting with your coworkers in the office, or walking an assignment
location not too far away.