Many people tried to flee
when under pressure or
even going through
periods of stress, and get
comfort when dining.
Why not? The reason,
heavy meals or snacks is
simply to reduce the
feeling cranky. Research
conducted a restaurant
in England, Chef &
Brewer, proves a third of
the employees will turn
to food when they are
under pressure. With the
meal, they try to fight an
unpleasant feeling. Some
people also often bring a
snack when they travel
to through a long day. As
reported by MedicMegic,
Monday (17 / 1), these
studies also show about
80 percent of employees
admitted when the stress
came, they more often
eat fast food, sweet
foods or other healthy
foods as opposed to the
'healthy food' standard
during the workday. At
least, 33 percent said
they feel more
comfortable to eat more
when the weather is
cold. And 25 percent of
the 3,000 people
surveyed said, eat to
help them calm down
after a fight with a
partner. Food also brings
comfort to the other 19
percent who feel they
have failed to diet.
Basically, nothing is
wrong in terms of eating,
because it is human
nature. Meals can also
be used as a way to
entertain themselves.