All people, especially the
women want to have a
flat stomach so it looks
slim. Every effort was
made to flatten the
stomach, one with diet
stomach. In terms of
foreign, belly diet is
known as Belly Diet. This
diet is by drinking plain
water and mild exercise.
Belly diet program
usually begins with mild
exercise and long jump
performed for 4 days.
You may have heard of a
healthy lifestyle by
consuming eight glasses
of water a day to
prevent dehydration.
Drinking water and
eating foods that contain
lots of water such as
melon, green vegetables,
and fruits have a very
large health benefits,
including ward off
However, the most
important of belly diet is
how to maintain the
right balance for body
fluid balance and fight
against water retention.
It also helps prevent
constipation, which can
cause flatulence.
Drinking eight glasses of
water is only a guide for
fluid each person needs
varies, according to the
level of activity and body
size, but the eight
glasses are a good
starting point. All liquids
and foods that are
packaged in the form of
water are counted in
your overall fluid intake,
but remember that not
all incoming liquid diet
good for your belly.