Many people think,
eating a little can make
the body become slim. As
a result, many people
especially women, the
cut-out meal portions. In
fact, medically, if you
want to have a body lean
and healthy, eat a little
is not an effective way of
dieting. For example, you
get used mengasup
about 2,000 calories per
day. Then because they
want to look slim, you
are eating a diet with
reduced carbohydrates
into 1200's. Instead of
becoming slim, diet like
that just makes your
body system so surprised.
"Efforts to lean even
become more difficult,
because the body will
take the initiative to
save energy are
available, for adapting to
the new calorie intake is
now much less.
Meanwhile, levels of fat
in our body stays the
same, because the body
can not process it into
energy," said Arthur
Agatston, MD., author of
The South Beach Heart
Program. The proper way
to diet is, should reduce
the portions gradually.
Weight loss can not go
down in an instant.
Necessary changes in
diet and activity to
scrape a pile of excess
fat in your body.
"Benchmark like this,
even though we are
eating less, we do not
feel hungry. That means
the steps that we do is
correct," Agatston
explains. If you are
forced to eat in small
portions, there would be
starvation. This is
dangerous, and can make
you stuck in a yo-yo diet,
Agatston added. The
process of weight loss
should be followed with a
routine exercise activity.