Kensington: A doctor
stating that the patient
can lose fat in just two
weeks, without having
tired of a diet and
exercise. In fact, do not
cause pain. As
proclaimed by the
Telegraph, Wednesday
(3 / 2), this lounge with
laser treatment cost 1000
euro for six sessions for
40 minutes. These lasers
will pass through the
skin, and then the fat
cells will burst and out of
the body. This procedure
has been used a lot of
celebrity in America.
Especially, for quick trim
at important events
without the need for a
long time and does not
cause scars. Tatiana
Karelina, a woman who
were undergoing
treatment with laser Pub
in Kensington, west
London, England, said:
"This was the discovery
that every woman
waiting for." Supervisory
Agency United States
Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) also
found patients lost an
average of 3.64 inch
circle of fat from the
waist, hips, and thighs.
And several others lost
nine inches.
Unfortunately, this laser
does not work for fat
people, because he could
not penetrate the layer
of fat.
Last year it was revealed
that the surgeon is
considering offering a
new surgery addition of
the breast by taking the
amount of excess fat in
the waist area. It costs
only about 8,000 euros
more funds are needed.
Fat extracted from a
place that is not cool to
the skin of the breast.
Examination of this
technique is estimated to
have proven that fat
grafts may survive longer
and give a better
appearance than
implants. The procedure
is discussed by leading
surgeons from around
the world at the annual
meeting of the
Association of Plastic
Surgeons British Beauty