Entering old age, hue
wrinkles will begin to
sketch your face. No
need to worry, because
things like this can be
overcome with the right
food intake. Various
studies show that what is
eaten and not eaten can
give clear impact on skin
health. As the outermost
body armor and also the
largest organ in us, the
skin is always exposed to
various sources that can
make it stressful.
Problems can come from
illness, can also be of
various factors related to
the environment, such as
sunlight. Although diet
does not always
guarantee to eliminate
all wrinkles and prevent
aging, but the right
nutrition can make the
body feel fresh and more
supple skin. Recent
research reveals that
those who frequently eat
vegetables, nuts, olive oil
and bread wheat have
skin that is firmer than
those who love to eat
red meat, butter, and
sweet foods. In addition,
the experts also suspect
the role of antioxidants
in vitamins A, C, and E,
and minerals zinc and
selenium form can also
reduce the risk of
wrinkles. This all
happened because
antioxidants can help
reduce the impact of
free radical attack.
Other studies have also
shown that supplements
containing combinations
of vitamins containing
antioxidants can also
protect skin from aging,
due to UV exposure. For
that purpose, so that
skin looks healthy, shiny
and youthful, eat foods
rich in karatenoid. These
substances can be found
in melons, apricots,
carrots, sweet potatoes,
spinach, fruits and other
vegetables are dark
green, yellow, orange,
and red. You also can add
it with the frequent
drinking a multivitamin.
Finally, protect your skin:
- Reduce the frequency
of skin exposure to the
sun without using
sunscreen. Apply again
after several hours of
use. - Clean skin
thoroughly every day,
and use a moisturizer -
We have outdoor
activities under the heat
of the sun, do not
hesitate to wear
sunglasses, hats, or
umbrellas to avoid skin
damage from UV