Fast tired, often sleepy, frequent urination, often hungry and thirsty, and dental sway? Be careful. If you are having health problems such as the blood sugar level checked immediately and went to the doctor. Because it is quiet possible you have diabetes Diabetes could be avoided with healthy lifestyle and diligent exercise. Like the healthy way by hundreds of people with diabetes in the Bung Karno, Jakarta, recently. People with diabetes in Jakarta reached 12.4 percent of the population. Meanwhile, in Indonesia there are currently 14 million diabetics. But if it is "sentenced" to suffer diabetes, do not worry it's not the end of life. Diabetes will indeed languishing for life in the body of sufferers. However, health can be maintained with diligent treatment, exercise, and controlling blood sugar levels. "Diabetes is the disease not heal, but we can reduce to maintain the lifestyle," said Sidartawan Sugondo, Chairman of the Diabetes Association of Indonesia. (KEN / Eko Setiabudi and Jhoni Akbar)