Drug metformin XR,
which is used to treat
non-insulin dependent
diabetes or type 2, it can
be used for weight loss
adolescent obesity. The
drug should be combined
with programs designed
to help change their
lifestyle habits. Thus the
results of research in
health magazines,
Archives of Pediatrics &
Adolescent, February
issue, as cited by
HealthDay site, recently.
The study mentions the
obese children who take
metformin XR, it has
little influence on the
disease, but showed
significant weight loss. In
addition, the study also
mentions, almost a third
of American children are
overweight, which
increases at high risk of
type 2 diabetes and high
blood pressure. But some
doctors are using
metformin to treat
juvenile diabetes non-fat,
not getting the results is
unclear whether the
drug could work.
Researchers record in 77
obese adolescents, ages
13 to 18 years, in
programs designed to
increase physical activity
and help control food.
Some children were
given sugar pills,
placebo, while others
received a daily dose of
2,000 milligrams of
metformin XR.
The program is run for a
year. As a result, obese
adolescents from the
metformin group, the
average body mass index
decreased to 0.9. While
taking placebo increased
to 0.2. Metformin is safe
and tolerable in
overweight adolescents.
The results showed that
metformin may have an
important role in the
treatment of adolescent
obesity, according to the
authors conclude.
However, long-term
research is needed to
determine the side
effects of metformin use
in adolescent patients
with diabetes who are