Indeed every woman
wants to always look
beautiful and attractive.
For that, they are willing
to perform various
support activities, such
as yoga. These sports
demand a lot of people
being able to calm the
mind when under stress.
Not only that, yoga is
also believed to create a
smooth blood circulation.
But did you know that
there are three gentle
movements of yoga can
also make your butt look
more beautiful? If you
want to prove it, you'll
want to follow the tips
below: First, stand with
your knees and feet
attached to the meeting
then lower your hips a
few inches, such
movements were sitting.
Then, lift your hands
facing each other on the
head. Keep your body
balance by raising the
right knee setiggi 30
centimeters and this
movement hold breath
for three times deep.
Then, lower legs and feet
as before. Next, do this
movement with the left
foot. Perfect for doing
this event twice. Second,
stand with your left leg
pulled back with the
position of your toes
against the floor left.
Straighten both hands up
over his head and
katupkan your palms.
Keep your shoulders and
hips remain upright and
facing forward. Then, lift
your left leg back and
bend your body forward
slowly so that your left
leg and upper body and
hands parallel to the
floor. Hold this
movement up to three
times in a breath. For
maximum results doing
this movement as much
as ten times. Third,
further movement serves
to stretch the hips and
buttocks us. Sit on your
heels with your knees
bent as I sit her courtiers
Kingdom of Yogyakarta.
Then lean forward with
your shoulders straight
movement. Slowly, stick
out your left leg back, up
to the ankle against the
floor. Hold the
movement, then
juntaikan right foot
forward left thigh and
press your right hip to
the floor. Then, hold this
pose up to five times the
intake of breath. Next
Repeat the movement
with your right foot.
Good luck!