The debate surrounding
the egg effect on heart
health is fulfilled. Don
McNamara health
experts assert that the
egg has many benefits
for heart health. In fact,
the Organization for the
Heart Foundation
recommends eating six
eggs a week. "Many
older people fear eating
eggs, because they are
worried about the
cholesterol contained in
eggs. But a lot of
research showing that
cholesterol does not
affect the risk of heart
attack," said McNamara,
as reported by Zee News,
Friday (31/12). Eggs
contain saturated fat
that consists of several
vital substances, such as
choline is good for
metabolism and fetal
brain development. Eggs
also contain lutein, which
can reduce the risk of
cataracts and macular
degeneration. In
addition, the egg also is
a food that the diet can
Eating one egg in the
morning will make
people who eat them
feel full in a longer time.
"Eggs have protein with
high quality, you can get
it cheap. Eggs also
contain all vitamins and
minerals that our body
needs except vitamin C.
So do not be afraid to
eat eggs," added