London: Generally, the fair sex have fear after childbirth. Because the shape of the body
difficult restored to its original posture. But, not so well with Claudine Keane, wife of Tottenham Hotspur star
Robbie Keane. Former Miss Ireland contestant 26-year-old Keane married on June 7, 2008. Eleven months later, on May 10, 2009, Claudine gave birth to her first child with normal birth process. Weighing about
four pounds, the baby was named Robert Ronan Keane, a name derived from his grandfather, Robbie Snr who died in 2003 due to liver cancer. Interestingly, two months after the birth process, Claudine confident enough to show off the beauty of her slender back. It was shown Claudine Keane while vacationing
together on a beach in Portugal. Claudine trigger body Aduhainya diet question what she
has done. Two weeks after the birth of her first child was, Claudine appeared
in one of the show, titled Late Late Show, which aired one television station in Ireland. As
quoted by the Daily Mail, comes with a body far from the impression postpartum, Claudine
says, "During the pregnancy I was always active and eating healthy foods."