Realityshow host Alison Sweeney The Biggest Loser launched a special diet for dogs. These efforts, as reported by Reuters on Thursday (20 /
1), intended to answer concerns an increasing number of pet "patient" of obesity in the United
States. Sweeney intention to apply his expertise was chosen, after his favorite dog breed is the Boston
Terrier was sentenced to obesity. He was rarely pay attention to the dog health. "Weight gain as much as two pounds on a dog is equivalent to nine kilograms in humans," he said. According to Sweeney, triggers
obesity in dogs is a habit that pet owners give leftover food that contains lots of fat. "Giving the dog a piece of cheese just like I ate a half a hamburger," said Sweeney. Marion Nestle from New York University, various
problems threaten the health of dogs suffering from obesity. "The owner is fully accountable eating pets. Physical exercises done regularly will also help the dog's diet," says Nestle. (SHA)