For women who love attention to appearance, should think again on a diet when the two entities. Research shows, on a diet of pregnant women at risk for high blood pressure or preeclampsia. As stated by Dr. Dorothea Mostello from St. Louis University School of Medicine in New York, United States, on Saturday (28 / 8). Mostello said, women feel less confident when it learned gaining weight when entering the prepregnancy period. "They are haunted by feelings of fear of trouble to lose weight after giving birth," he said.

As a result, said Mostello, some women tried to control her weight seideal possible. "That's very dangerous. In addition to high blood pressure, pregnant women at risk for heart disease, kidney, to blood clots," he explained. Gynecologists were also reminded, dieting during pregnancy become one of the cases the main causes of maternal mortality in some developed countries. It was based on research involving 18,000 women from Missouri between 1989 and 2005. (SHA)