The appeal of a person not only be judged by a pretty or handsome face, but also the beauty of body shape. Obviously, it makes some people, especially women racing to gain a beautiful body shape. In fact, some
women are willing to take a variety of ways to get a slimmer body shape and contain. "Ironically, they often take the wrong way to get that ideal body," said Michael Triangto, sports medicine specialist Mitra Kemayoran Hospital in Jakarta, recently. According to Michael, someone who wants to form a more slender body needs to considerseveral aspects to the methods used do not interfere with the body's metabolism. He
explained that the general guidelines for the medical community is often used body mass index: the ratio gauge
ideal weight. In addition, one should also know the first composition of fat, muscle, water, and
metabolism. After that, the new one can define the methods to be used. To get the desired body
shape, one should also measure body composition by means of body fat analyzer. Michael said, from the measurements that will be known how many levels of fat that should be eliminated and how much body weight to be achieved through regulation of food intake and exercise that right. But, the way it should also be considered with daily activities. In addition, arrangements are also very much needed food. To trim, one must know what is allowed and not to be eaten, especially fatty foods such as chocolates, sweets, or ice cream. Restricted food intake should also be accompanied by proper exercise, the type of aerobic exercise done
in a long time between 20 and 30 minutes without stopping. Weight training should also be done at least three times a week. Create an unusual exercise is recommended for many moves. Further, Michael
explained, other factors must be considered in an effort to lose weight is the body's metabolic rate. However, whatever the agreed way of diet, patients have to run a disciplined method. For that, he suggested, people should not resort to instant by taking slimming drugs because of fear of negative side effects on body organs.
Because, how instant it is feared will lead to the effect of "yo-yo" in which the body fat will return if
they are not taking the drug. (ICH / Mira Permatasari and Agung Nugroho)