The news stating that
the detoxification of
harmful would cause
panic for those who rely
on detox for the purpose
of cleansing toxins in the
body and lose weight.
Some nutrition experts
also questioned the
effectiveness and safety
of this detox program.
Detox diet is a diet with
a combination of water
and fruit that is believed
to cleanse the toxins
that are stored in the
body. Detox can last for
48 hours to 21 days. Most
of these diets suggest
that a lot of water
intake to two liters or
more a day, along with
herbal teas or dandelion
coffee. Other liquids
recommended derived
from carrots and apple
juice, because its effect
as "digestion boosting".
There also are allowed a
little raw fruit and
vegetable consumption.
The side effects of detox
usually occurs because
too much water
consumption and low-salt
diet, coupled with
increased activity. There
are some cases due to
side effects, which are in
a coma due to
hyponatremia or water
intoxication that causes
sodium levels in the
blood decreases and the
brain becomes swollen.
In other cases found in
permanent brain damage
after a detox. Too much
with too little liquid
electrolyte that comes
from foods containing
salt can be harmful to
the body. Following a
detox diet for one to two
days will not be
dangerous for most
However, if the detox
diet is longer with a very
strict diet, then that's
what can cause
problems. So with
harmful side effects, are
there other alternatives
that fewer risks? Some
researchers have
suggested doing the ADF
or Alternate-Day Fasting.
ADF is to reduce the
number of calories for 24
hours and then eat as
usual the next day. ADF
is not only to reduce
weight but also can add
longer life.