Apples, Asthma Natural Medicine Apples usually consumed as food diet. In addition, Apple also has another property, namely eliminating asthma. Expectant mothers who consumed four or more apples a week could reduce the risk of asthma. A study in children with age range 5-10 years in Greenwich, London, said children who frequently eat apples and drink apple juice is hardly one of developing asthma, Saturday (25/12). Flavoinoid phenolik acid content and retain the color-pigment- apples in apple juice can help to relieve inflammation in the respiratory system of children who become one of the factors causing shortness of breath and asthma. Research experts from the University of Aberdeen, UK, revealed by eating apples can reduce the risk of asthma in infants in the womb. Expectant mothers who ate apples 4 pieces or more a week are surprisingly decreased risk of asthma by 50% compared with expectant mothers, who ate one apple a week (studies carried out until the child was 5 years old) . Flavoinoid in apple or apple juice can be a shield the body from heart disease and cancer, like breast and colon cancer. Meanwhile, its vitamin C content helps our immune system and prevent bleeding and swelling of the gums. Apples also have the formula of 'secret' that can kill 80% of bacteria in the mouth so that damage to the tooth can be avoided. Fructose in apples included category of simple sugars that provide a natural sweetness. Fructose is broken down relatively slowly, especially when in a state combined with apple fiber. Because apples will make your blood sugar remains in stable condition, then the apple is also well taken for the also have diabetes.